Johnna Johnson

Life Lately - May 2017

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Around the beginning of this month I realized I had very many photos on my phone, taken with my phone, but had very few high quality photos of my own children. I then decided to make a better effort to take photos of them. Not in a don't-forget-to-take-the-big-camera-everywhere way, but just being more aware of moments when grabbing the camera might be with the extra effort. I pulled the camera out a grand total of three times this month for this project (including for some self portraits, of which I haven't attempted in probably three years), and I really enjoyed making art but not feeling burdened by this goal. I don't expect these posts to be very photo heavy, but hopefully they will become a monthly fixture on this space. I debated mixing personal photos with business, but for now it feels right, so this is where I'll post! Enjoy xx