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Duncan+Jessica {Siloam Springs, Arkansas, Engagement Photographer}

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Wow, it's been over half a year since I've posted anything in this space. A lot has changed in a year, but a lot is still the same too. I'm still here taking photos and capturing memories, and really I have been the whole time, I just haven't been sharing much. Here in the next few weeks I'll start sharing some of what I've been doing in the last half year, but I'm going to start with my most recent session, which brings me to Duncan and Jessica!

These two were so refreshing to photograph, in part because they're so dang natural in front of the camera, but also because I really loved getting to spend some time with them! I learned that Duncan has his pilots license (what?! so cool) and they're both graduating with their engineering degrees this May! They like to cook peanut chicken on Sundays, and in their off time Duncan can be found playing around with recording music and Jessica will be curled up with a book. We share similar interests in music and houseplants, and I'm going to be so dang sad when they move to Dallas when they graduate! Jessica has been sending me updates of their venue and wedding details and I'm majorly excited to shoot their wedding!